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The INNATE Journey: A Legacy of Excellence and Trust

Our Foundation: Consern Pharma, established in 1996, stands as the cornerstone of our legacy in healthcare. With facilities recognized by WHO and the Indian government, we consistently uphold the highest standards of manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us numerous awards in the MSME sector, ZED Gold certification and DSIR Certification from affirming our dedication to superior manufacturing practices and ethical standards.

27 Years of Experience
Collaboration 8950+ Doctors & Skin Experts
36 Million Smiling Customers
766 + Stable Formulations
26 States
7 Countries
772+ Distributors

A Trustworthy Network

At CONSERN, our journey is supported by a strong and trustworthy network of over 8950 healthcare professionals and skin experts, including psychiatrists, neurologists, cardiologists, and dermatologists, serving more than 36 million people globally. This extensive network boosts our credibility and impact in the healthcare sector. We are deeply committed to skin health, working closely with experts to ensure our products are scientifically proven and adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Together, we strive to deliver innovative skincare solutions that genuinely enhance care.

Our Philosophy of Natural Beauty

At INNATE, we believe that beauty is inherent—'innate' means something that exists naturally or is inherent within you. "You are beautiful" is more than a tagline—it's our commitment to enhancing your natural, inherent beauty with skincare that is gentle yet effective, crafted without harsh chemicals. Our innovative Sun care range is a testament to our dedication to protect and enhance what is naturally yours, ensuring your beauty is nurtured in the safest and most effective way possible.

Driving Innovation in Skincare

At INNATE, we continuously enhance our product formulations through a dedicated in-house R&D facility approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Simultaneously, we utilise advanced technologies like AI to elevate our client services, ensuring personalised and effective interactions. This strategic approach allows us to innovate both our products and customer experiences effectively.

Skincare Straight to Your Door

At INNATE, we take pride in delivering our scientifically formulated, dermatologist-recommended skincare directly to your doorstep. Each product is crafted with a focus on natural ingredients and backed by rigorous scientific validation, ensuring safe and effective solutions for your daily care. Experience the convenience of buying directly from the manufacturer, which not only enhances but also protects your natural beauty.

Our Purpose / Why We Exist?

INNATE is dedicated to transforming the way people care for their skin. We aim to empower individuals to protect and enhance their natural, inherent beauty, thereby boosting their well-being with confidence and ease. Protect and Radiate Your Natural Beauty with INNATE!


The INNATE Difference: Why Choose Us?

We differentiate ourselves through innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to quality. Here's what sets INNATE Professional apart:

Advanced Scientific Formulations: Every INNATE product is developed through extensive research and development in our DSIR-approved labs, perfectly blending nature with science for superior skin health outcomes.

Dermatologist Recommended: Safe and effective, INNATE products are endorsed by dermatologists for all skin types, ensuring reliability even for sensitive skin.

Luxurious Yet Accessible: We make premium skincare affordable, offering high-quality products at competitive prices so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of superior skincare.

Innovative Client Service: Leveraging the latest technology, including AI, we provide personalised customer experiences, offering tailored support and ensuring enhanced satisfaction.

Our Team

Kuljive Mahajan Founder, MD
Seema Mahajan Founder & Director
Sundeep Singh AGM Sales & Marketing

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